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 The magic of father Mantelli
Blanchard's World of Magic   Giovedì, 01 Luglio 1999 00:00
It was in 'The Magic Circle headquarters in London, where I First met Father Mantelli, and I've never forgotten him, once seen never forgotten, and if you wish to know more about this larger than life character you can write to his secretary Jill Taylor. Via Degli Ulivi 33, 10156 Torino. Italy. Or E-mail: jill~ï Jill is a collector of magicians visiting cards and she would be delighted if she could include yours in her collection, and looks forward to hearing from you. This salesman priest known in the world of magic as "Sales" has launched a new venture, The Associazione Mago Sales, via Paisiello 44, 10154 Torino, in Italy has been officially opened by Tommy Wonder for magicians from all over the world, it has a large library, a magic videotecca, a museum of affects ancient and modern, and a magic store displaying the latest effects from top makers, including the Tayade and Sam Dalal range. The father Mantelli is touring the refugee camps in the former Yugoslavia to entertain children, and raise money for their urgent needs. The members of his association now total over 2000, and sponsor children in Uganda, Salvador, Brazil. India and most countries in the third world. You see him here doing magic for Buddhist monks in Pnom Penu in Cambodia, and also with the late Mother Theresa. The new centre enjoys the support Pechi, Brachetti. Arturo, and the famous SILVAN who is a household name in Italy, and internationally famous as highly skilled magician in the field of manipulation as well as big stage shows.

The magic of father Mantelli

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